Bridal Party


Maid of Honor: Meagan Mashni

Way back in the early 90’s I started praying for a sister (little did I know my dad had already had a vasectomy).  God answered that prayer in 2012 when my brother Adam met Meagan.  I’m amazed at how quickly our relationship deepened and how easily Meagan has become my sister.  She’s a peacemaker, an encourager and cheerleader, an amazing listener, and an incredible mom to Caleb, my nephew.  She’s also one of the funniest and also most competitive people I know.  She has been truly a gift from God to me and our family.  

Bridesmaid: Sierra Willis

I met Sierra and Renee through Campus Crusade for Christ at Michigan in 2006.  We all became roommates in 2007 and have been best friends since. Sierra has been a constant source of support, laughter, and wisdom to me.  She is a warrior (two homebirths later!) and a truth teller, someone I can always count on for a travel adventure, a Taylor Swift concert, or a last minute 5k .  I’ve been lucky to take many trips with Sierra and her family to “keep them company” as they’ve traveled the world the last decade.  Sierra, her husband Nick, and their two boys Lachlan and Darcy live in Ann Arbor with their dog Tempo.

Bridesmaid: Renee Hogan

I remember Renee as this cool, confident blonde girl when we met at bible study in 2006. When we all lived together the next year, it was Renee who convinced Sierra and I to train for a half marathon together, beginning a new hobby that still bonds us together to this day. Renee also met this cool guy Sean that year who taught us all about backpacking and helped us plan our first big trip on the Appalachian trail. Renee and Sean now have four adorable kids, and I’m so thankful for Renee’s friendship over the years. Renee is consistent and steady and always there when you need her.

Bridesmaid: Trisha Schimek

Trisha and I met during residency in Wisconsin, and our friendship was destined before we even met: one of my medical school friends met her a few weeks before I did, and sent me a message telling me he was pretty sure we were going to be “best friends.” Just as he predicted, I was immediately drawn to Trisha’s kind, bubbly personality. While our friendship began over dance parties and bike rides in Wisconsin, it has taken us all over the world: from zip-lining in Ecuador to hiking in Utah, to snorkeling in Hawaii. She is an incredible family doctor working in California now, a champion for the underserved and Spanish-speaking population, with her husband Nick and adorable little daughter Eleanor.


Bestman: Michael Jacobson

Michael and Jeff have been best friends since they first met at the tender age of 4 years old. Growing up together started with the AYSO soccer team “The Beatles,” and progressed to memorizing the P90X workout DVDs, taking ski trips to Utah and Schuss Mnt, and spending countless hours spent working on their hand eye coordination playing Halo on their xbox (which they still continue to this day). Since then their friendship has brought them across the country and across the world on various trips, including Michael’s wedding in China. It could be assumed that Jeff is the (distant) 4th child in the Jacobson family. In 2018 Michael married Claire and they have a baby boy Han, along with two cats Cell and Freeza.

Groomsman: Anthony Reame

Anthony is Jeff’s old brother by 1 year and 4 days. While attending different universities they both stayed in touch by visiting each throughout the school years and completing a few Tough Mudder races back when those were cool. Usually around a holiday or after a few glasses of wine Anthony likes to try and beat Jeff in an arm-wrestling competition. Anthony has a strong passion for fishing, boats, and really anything that floats. He also has a cat named Noli (pictured).

Groomsman: Tyler Brown

Similar to Michael, Jeff and Tyler have been friends since around 4 years old. Growing up only a few miles away from each other and riding the same school bus since kindergarten, Jeff and Tyler’s friendship grew over the years and has included several trips out East to visit and ski. Their friendship spans several interests and hobbies including from Gopeds, boats, cooking, and to most recently wristwatches. In 2018 Tyler married Elaina, and they now have a Doodle named Penny.

Groomsman: Charlie Hall

Charlie and Jeff met around 2013 while working at the same company. Jeff’s first memory of Charlie was at a clothing sample sale and seeing Charlie turn unboxing clothes into some sort of competition with himself. They quickly found mutual interests around biking, climbing, running, triathlons, traveling, and whiskey. Together they both completed a 70.1 Ironman and also a half marathon on the Great Wall of China. They have traveled to Asia and Europe together, all the while keeping a subtle who-has-more-Delta-Skymiles competition going over the last few years (Jeff’s winning).   In 2014 Charlie married Erika they have a Border Collie named Oppi.

Groomsman: Logan Wagner

Logan and Jeff met sophomore year while playing soccer together at Aquinas College, specifically during preseason at a Family Fare grocery store in the produce section. Logan had a “big screen tv” in his dorm room (15inchs) so it was really hard not to be friends with him. Over the next few years of college, they lived together and formed a stronger friendship. Like Michael, Logan also enjoys practicing his hand-eye coordination by playing Halo. You could always count on Logan, well specifically his mother Diana for making sure the refrigerator was decorated with lovely holiday cards. In 2018 Logan married Emmarie, and they currently have a  Great Dane named Rapha.